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New Work

New No's

by Badlands Unlimited


Included on The New York Times' Best Art of 2016 List & in the Whitney Museum of American Art's exhibition, An Incomplete History of Protest

"the most poignant, poetic, and clear articulation of the collective fears of one swathe of society...'New No's' embodies inclusivity"


"I heard for a fact that Martha Stewart supports Badlands Unlimited's New No's posters and has hung several in her home for the holidays"

--Petra Cortright

"I bought 10"

--Judy Hussie-Taylor, Danspace Project

"My publisher sends me the best things for my cubicle"

--Claudia La Rocco

New No's is a poem by Badlands Unlimited written after the election of Donald J. Trump and acts as a declaration against the drift of American society toward what is most un-American.

Designed by Paul Chan and Badlands, this poster is 24” X 36” (60.9cm X 91.5cm). The minimal and stark aesthetic beautifully reminds us of what is worth keeping in mind as we prepare for four years of Trump Nero as president.

Part of the proceeds from sales will go towards Planned Parenthood and the ACLU.

We keep getting calls and emails at the office, telling us it’s “complicated.” They say we don’t “understand them.” Be “reasonable” they say. The more ambitious ones go on to explain that while there were definitely voters who acted on racist, misogynist, and xenophobic instincts, most voted simply out of the sense that their economic hardships were being ignored.

But we know it’s not complicated. It’s pretty simple, actually. That’s why we wrote this the weekend after the election.

Download the New No's in other languages, including Spanish, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, and Russian here.


Digital Print on 100 lb gloss paper

24" x 36"


Badlands Unlimited

Badlands Unlimited is a New York-based independent publisher founded by the artist Paul Chan in 2010, and consists of artist Micaela Durand (Director), Ian Cheng (Editor at Large), Parker Bruce, and Ambika Subramaniam. The press publishes texts by and with other artists in the form of paperbacks, ebooks, digital group exhibitions, a stone book, and other various media.


Digital Print on 100 lb gloss paper

24" x 36"