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Other Work

New Lovers Bundle

by Badlands Unlimited


The New Lovers bundle collects all nine New Lovers erotic novellas in an exclusive and handsome drawstring bag. Made of high quality nylon that is water resistant, this limited edition bag will keep all your erotica safe and sound.

The New Lovers books in the bundle includes How To Train Your Virgin by Wednesday Black, We Love Lucy by Lilith Wes, God, I Don’t Even Know Your Name by Andrea McGinty, My Wet Hot Drone Summer by Lex Brown, I Would Do Anything For Love by Al Bedell, and Burning Blue by Cara Benedetto, Kuntalini by Tamara Faith Berger, One Valencia Lane by Bettina Davis, and Fantasian by Larissa Pham.

Inspired by Maurice Girodias’ legendary Olympia Press, New Lovers features the raw and uncut writings of authors new to the erotica genre. Each story has its own unique take on relationships, intimacy, and sex, as well as the complexities that bedevil contemporary life and culture today. Each novella in the New Lovers series is an independent story of about 12,000-18,000 words in length.

Drawstring bag, books

16" X 9" X 6"


Badlands Unlimited

Badlands Unlimited is a New York-based independent publisher founded by the artist Paul Chan in 2010, and consists of artist Micaela Durand (Director), Ian Cheng (Editor at Large), and Parker Bruce. The press publishes texts by and with other artists in the form of paperbacks, ebooks, digital group exhibitions, a stone book, and other various media.

Drawstring bag, books

16" X 9" X 6"