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Publisher's Note: Minima Editio

1 minute to read

Red Revere

Reader_______ Badlands closed?

Publisher _______We’re back.

Reader _______ Like it was?

Publisher_______ What is?

Reader_______ But still publishing?

Publisher _______In an expanded field.

Reader _______ Still outward looking?

Publisher _______Beyond the sanctuary of our own communities.

Reader _______ Weird flex but ok.

Publisher _______ But not like before.

Reader _______What’s new?

Publisher _______No more sociopathic media.

Reader _______You mean social media.

Publisher _______ No, I mean sociopathic media.

Reader _______ Like facebook.

Publisher _______ Deleted.

Reader _______Twitter, Instagram.

Publisher _______ Gone, inactive.

Reader _______ Why?

Publisher _______ The republic has abandoned the public.

Reader _______What does that even mean?

Publisher _______ Bots and trolls have more civil protections and rights than actual people. So people act more like bots and trolls than people to protect themselves from the fact that the republic has abandoned them.

Reader_______ …

Publisher _______Culture now survives largely as an arm of the service industry for bots and trolls.

Reader _______ ...

Publisher _______What we used to call people are now only valuable as walking datasets, to be mined like precious metals.

Reader _______ So what are you going to do now that you’re back.

Publisher _______ First, stop publishing for bots and trolls.


Publisher's notes are opinion pieces of a topical or esoteric nature written by Badlands Unlimited or friends and authors of Badlands.