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Poems by Yvonne Rainer Editor's Choice at Bomb

Flash Art reviews Poems

E-books Are the Future of Art

Hello world!

Hell Tree Launches

secrete secrets


Think Like Clouds: The Exhibition

New fall title: Think Like Clouds by Hans Ulrich Obrist

A Note From Us

Duchamp's Life and Legacy @ NYPL

a million question marks

Badlands @ ARCOMadrid

BFFA3AE New Works at MoMA PS1

New title! Paul Chan: Selected Writings

New New Testament by Paul Chan available now

|!”\(-,-) Paul Chan interview with Mousse

ArtReview: Mark Sladen on Badlands

High Line Art

Why I haven't posted anything in a while



Paul Chan “Selected Works” at Schaulager, Basel

BFFA3AE - DTR at 47 Canal

Alaina Claire Feldman reviews Selected Writings in Flash Art

Five Must-Read New Art Books: NNT

Mousse Magazine reviews Selected Writings

Selected Writings Bomb Magazine's Editor's choice

ArtReview on Selected Writings

Great Winter Art Reads: Seven to Savour

Book launch + reading for Claudia La Rocco at The Kitchen Sept 8

Metropolis lists Selected Writings on summer reading list

The Bachmann inspired romance novel

Michele Bachmann-inspired romance novel has the greatest cover art ever

Exciting New Book Allows You To Imagine Sexing Michele Bachmann While Freezing To Death

Michele Bachmann Inspires Racy Romance Novel, But Is Still Stranger Than Fiction

Listicle review of Fires of Siberia

The Michele Bachmann bodice-ripper

Michele Bachmann's steamy romance novel, 'Fires of Siberia,' out June 1

Fifty Shades of Bachmann: Publishers launch romance novel inspired by controversial politician

This Summer’s Hottest Read? Author Pens Michele Bachmann–Inspired Romance Novel

Need It Now: Calvin Tomkins's Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews

Review of The Afternoon Interviews

The Afternoon Interview Goes Global

BFFA3AE: 3 BFFs Are Making Some Rly Rad Meta Net Art

AD BOOK, An Interview with BFFA3AE

A cat reviews The Afternoon Interviews

Jerry Saltz says read The Afternoon Interviews

Publishers Weekly covers Badlands

ArtFCity asks Paul Chan and Badlands about their STUFF

OC ♥ NY Art Book Fair: Paul Chan and Badlands Unlimited

Bookforum review of On Democracy by Saddam Hussein

Relative Cynicism: On Democracy by Saddam Hussein

From photocopy to EPUB, artists’ e-books are coming

Petra Cortright and Lucy Lippard at the New York Art Book Fair 2012

Over-Booked: Paul Chan on Badlands Unlimited

Brain Pickings reviews On Democracy by Saddam Hussein

As you look down loads a (Poetically translated by Google Translate)

Bruce Sterling on HELL_TREE by Petra Cortright

What Can Saddam Teach Us About Democracy?

On a Diagonal, Looking Forward and Looking Back: Review of Poems by Yvonne Rainer

Somewhere Totally Else: On Democracy by Saddam Hussein

Dis magazine covers How to Download a Boyfriend

The Art World's First Group Show For The iPad

Pablo Larios reviews Rachel Harrison's The Help: A Companion Guide

Paul Chan Curates iPad Exhibition, ‘How to Download a Boyfriend’

The New Yorker features How to Download a Boyfriend

Inside the Mind of Hans Ulrich Obrist

Flash Art reviews On Democracy by Saddam Hussein

Books in an Expanded Field: The Story of Badlands Unlimited

Book gathers 1964 interviews with Duchamp by Calvin Tomkins

The Humble Doodle: On HUO's Think Like Clouds

Tréy Sager on moral relativism and resisting categorization alongside Fifty Shades of Gray

Politico covers Fires of Siberia

WWD covers Duchamp book launch at Marshall Chess Club

Stripped Bare by His Interviewer: New Book Features Calvin Tomkins’s 1964 Interviews With Marcel Duchamp

HELL_TREE one of 10 Pivotal Moments for Digital Art in 2012

The Artist's E-Book

Artbook interviews Paul Chan about Badlands

A Thing Remade: A Conversation with Paul Chan

Our Top Summer Reading Picks: Waiting for Godot in New Orleans

Frieze profiles Badlands Unlimited

Fleshbot reviews Phaedrus Pron

NPR's Talk of the Nation interviews Paul Chan about ebooks (wtf?)

Lynne Tillman on Duchamp and The Afternoon Interviews

The Believer excerpts The Afternoon Interviews

Matthew So on Badlands Unlimited

People of Print features Badlands

Bookslut on Badlands Unlimited





"It's not the spoon that bends." Art in America interviews Micaela Durand of Badlands

The Best Most Useless Dress by Claudia La Rocco available now

Hyperallergic lists La Rocco Reading Sept 8

Gregg Bordowitz at upcoming NY Art Book Fair