W magazine on Paul Chan and New Lovers

Katy Diamond Hamer at W magazine writes about Paul Chan's Guggenheim exhibition "Nonprojections for New Lovers" and the release of the New Lovers books. She writes, "Chan, who is known mostly for politically charged digital animations, set out to rethink the idea of projected images in preparing for this show. 'I wanted to find compositions that crystallize how I feel about moving images today,' he explains. In works from 2013 titled Play Doh and All Jennies, video projectors on the floor emanate subtle light that hits no surface, so that one can’t see the images loaded on them; they appear to be powered by cement-filled shoes scattered about. Also included in the show are paperbacks from New Lovers, a new series of erotica released by the artist’s publishing house Badlands Unlimited. For Chan, the shoes, the books, and the fabric are all 'nonprojections'—that is, projections stripped of actual images." Read the rest on W Magazine.