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W Magazine Interviews Paul Chan About New Proverbs

11 Np

Paul Chan spoke with W Magazine's Stephanie Eckardt about New Proverbs and they also ran photos from the New Proverbs photo shoot by Matthew Raviotta & Burke Battelle as well as new signs made for Trump's 100 Days in office.

Would you say protesting's the best way to confront everything that's gone down in the past 100 days?

You know, let a million flowers bloom. Protests are important, legislative struggles are important, everyday acts of courage are important. They all can create a constellation where we feel safer in our own country, and maybe that’s all we’re looking for. We’re looking for a country worth believing in and a country worth being a part of. Many of us feel like we don’t belong here right now, and it’s a shame, and it doesn’t have to be this way. So whatever it takes to make all of us feel safe in this country, I think a lot of are willing to do. It just so happens that we’re publishers and artists and we wanted to make these beautiful, provocative signs that remind people where we stand about things, in the hope they’ll encourage others not to be afraid to say where they stand, wherever they may be.

Read the full interview & see the images on W.