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W Magazine Asks "Would You Pay $300 For Artists' Computer Files?"

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ARTnews & W Magazine have both run stories on our new publishing venture, Files. W's Kyle Munzenrieder writes: "...the project leaps forward to a conversation that we'll inevitably have in the future. Important artist's sketches, personal letters, and other personal artifacts can be collected with the same intensity of their actual work, and are housed at museums, libraries and in personal collections. Modern artists, thanks to technology, will not leave behind as much of a material (and hence collectible) trail thanks to computers and smartphones...Will someday a library collect (and pay for) a curated selection of today's artist's text messaging and Tweets? Files takes a step to possibly answering that," ARTnews describes the files as "some pretty wild downloadable artwork," and feature a quote about the reasoning behind the project from Paul Chan: "...we at Badlands decided to make it possible for enthusiasts, collectors, and institutions of contemporary art to support artists in a new and novel way,”

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