The Paris review on New Lovers

Jennifer Krasinski writes in the Paris Review about New Lovers and interviews Paul Chan about art and erotica. Our favorite exchange? JK: When I read the first two books in the series, I couldn’t help but giggle at the fact that both writers had a sharp elbow for a certain type of hipster male who are repulsive to the sexually ravenous female. In We Love Lucy, the hipster is a normal, boring guy who fancies himself outré, but whom the narrator considers unfuckable. In How to Train Your Virgin, the author writes, “Ask one and he’d say (the hipster in general, mind you) that he is too clever by far to succumb to romance, passion, abandon.” What do you make of all that? PC: The moral of the story? JK: Yes. PC: Stop sleeping with hipster guys. Read the rest on the Paris Review.