The Art Newspaper Reviews Paul's Guggenheim Show

The Art Newspaper's Orit Gat recently reviewed Paul's show at the Guggenheim, Nonprojections for New Lovers, highlighting its simplicity, minimalism, and thoughtfulness.

Discussing the "New Lovers" proofs in the show Gat says, "The proofs demonstrate that the structure of a museum exhibition can be used not only to display art, but also to expand the borders of what is considered artistic production."

Later when talking about the nonprojections, Gat observes, "...they make us rethink our expectations of what should be on view in a contemporary art museum. As much as contemporary art has moved away from objects hanging on walls, there is still a certain look that signals “contemporary art,” be it a high-production digital video projected onto a white wall or a 3D-printed sculpture. Chan’s non-projections are nothing like those. When art doesn’t conform to these codes, it calls attention to the way that conventions of presentation and circulation are otherwise confirmed time and again."

Read the full review here and be sure to catch Paul's show before it ends on May 13.