Tamara Faith Berger Does Yoga with W Magazine

Ally Betker of W Magazine recently interviewed Tamara Faith Berger while she was here in New York for her mini-Kuntalini book tour. Betker billed Kuntalini "a quick and dirty bildungsroman." Tamara took her through a one-on-one yoga class in the Airbnb she was staying at one Saturday morning. They discussed how she started writing erotica, or "porn" as Tamara prefers to call it, as well as her goal of reclaiming porn for women and the inherent sexuality present in yoga. "'I like the word [porn]. It’s a little bit in your face,” she explained. “For me, erotica is like when you go to Barnes & Noble and it’s Fifty Shades of Grey. I hate Fifty Shades of Grey. I need the porn or erotica, whatever it is, to go further. To do more, to disturb a little more.'” Read the full feature here.