Summer Ebooks 2 Beach With

Which Badlands Ebook "type" are you this summer? We've made some suggestions below with book bundles for all types of hot weather demeanor. Go on, find your beach. "POPPERED": While you're naked on the beach engage your primal self with the group sex-heavy We Love Lucy by Lilith Wes, your excited-about-marriage-quality side with How to Download a Boyfriend, and your cerebral, inquisitive mind with Gregg Bordowitz's ever-questioning Volition, all between hits of poppers. Feel the rush boys and girls, feel the rush. "WRECKED": For all those drunk and horny at Warm Up, sweating naked in apartments without AC, we recommend you Hell_Tree by Petra Cortright and AD BOOK by BFFA3AE to satiate your heat-induced delirium and feverish libidinal tendencies. "FWM": The heat makes you do crazy shit like lie and fuck. We've got you covered in both regards with Plato pondering about whether honesty really is the best policy in our new translation of his Hippias Minor and political correctness turned erectness in Tréy Sager's Fires of Siberia.