Spring into Summer with New Lovers

"Colorfully hot reads for the thinking pervert" —The Paris Review "A highbrow approach to Harlequin tropes" —T Magazine, The New York Times 

"The convergence of high art and erotica"—Flavorwire

"Incredibly fun"Dazed Digital

"Excellent. I read them in a single afternoon"-The Hairpin

You’re lying in the grass. Wearing a bathing suit. It feels good, feels right. Lighter, refreshed, alive again. Lithe even. Your body still pale from winter but ready. Ready for rejuvenation. Soak up the sun. Water has never tasted better. Your eyes are open again. You can breathe again. The grass grows in patches but will be fully green soon. You touch it with your fingers and look up. The sky just goes and goes, clouds spanning, blue and blue. You slurp a frosty margarita out of a Styrofoam cup. All the hot people are out and about, unencumbered by the Canada Goose jackets that covered up their beautiful bodies all winter long. Pecs and breasts surge in and out of your vision field. Waiting to exhale, this is the great release.

Spring into Summer with New Lovers. Available as beautiful paperbacks and books.


New Lovers Trilogy No. 1 by Wednesday Black, Lilith Wes, and Andrea McGinty Available exclusively as an Ebook Buy it for $4.99 Amazon | Apple