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Paul Chan and Carroll Dunham essential reads by artists

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Jullian Billard at Artspace considers Paul Chan's Selected Writings and Carroll Dunham's Into Words as two of the ten essential books about art written by artists. She writes about Chan: "In this selection of critical essays, the artist muses on both the joys and frustrations of the inherent paradoxes of modern and contemporary art, philosophical thought, and language. Drawing reference to a varied scope of artists and thinkers, from Chris Marker and Henry Darger to Marquis de Sade and Theodor Adorno, Chan reflects on the literary motivations and inspirations for his own work. It, like the variety of influences he draws from, is at once a serious and delightfully humorous read."

With Dunham, Billard writes, "You've probably seen Dunham's cartoonish paintings of nudes in colorful landscapes that blend abstraction with figuration, but did you know he's also a really great writer? Featuring intimate interviews with artists such as Peter Saul and in-depth musings on artists ranging from Kara Walker, Pablo Picasso and Jasper Johns, Dunham offers an alternative art history of the past 100 years with equal parts wit and a keen, discerning eye." Read the rest of the piece here.