Oyster Magazine Calls New Lovers "Essential Reading"

Lucy Jones of Australia's Oyster Magazine had some quick Q&A's with the three latest New Lovers authors (Cara Benedetto, Lex Brown, and Al Bedell) asking them about their respective books, writing processes, definitions of romance, and desires/kinks. Here's how Lex Brown sees romance: "High romance is when you look at the moon, knowing the person you love is looking at it too, and you are both God. Low romance is when you know you have nothing to talk about with this other person so you somehow end up talking in this pitch of voice that is higher and more affected than normal and you're acting all princessy/princey and they're acting all princey/princessy and there's this underlying dread tinged with an eroticism that comes from role-playing gender roles in a mundane way." Read the rest of their answers on Oyster's site.