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OC ♥ NY Art Book Fair: Paul Chan and Badlands Unlimited

Brigitte Nicole at Opening Ceremony writes about Badlands Unlimited and interviews Paul Chan about publishing. She writes, "Paul Chan is rethinking our relationship with art books to fit in with the on-the-go mentality of the 21st century. His new press Badlands Unlimited has been challenging what constitutes art books, which he publishes in both physical and e-book form. As an artist, Paul Chan has always been interested in exploring media accessible to the generation at hand. His most recent work, Sade for Sade's Sake, features a multifaceted exploration of the writer Marquis de Sade through a series of extensive sexualized videos, drawings, and 21 special fonts. But unlike your basic Arial or Helvetica, Chan's fonts replace individual letters with phrases and fragments that channel sexually deviant characters like Monica Lewinsky." Read the rest on OC's Blog.