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New Lovers Trilogy No. 3 Available Now

Unnamed 2

New Lovers Trilogy No. 3 is an ebook collection of the three latest erotic novellas in the New Lovers series published by Badlands Unlimited: Tamara Faith Berger's trippy, breakneck vision quest, Kuntalini, Bettina Davis' sordid tale of infidelity, One Valencia Lane, and Larissa Pham's psychosexual twinning collegiate thriller, Fantasian.

Download some quality smut for your Kindle, iPad or iPhone on Amazon or Apple for only $9.99! Three hot summer reads all in one place perfect to take to the beach or on a weekend trip!

“A beautifully designed series of erotic books”

—Miranda July

“An antidote to the comparative ocean of mass-produced and self-published smut

—Anna Fitzpatrick, ELLE Magazine

"I began having better sex in the weeks I read and reread Larissa Pham’s debut novel, Fantasian, and if there is any justification for spending money on literature, that’s got to be at the top of the list"

—Ben Fama, BOMB Magazine​

“A sex-touristic romp”

—Corwin Ericson, Rain Taxi