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50% Off Erotica for V-Day

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"My mind was too blown away to even move my hand"

– Miranda July



Do you hate your boyfriend?
Distract yourself with New Lovers this Valentine's day!

50% off all books in the New Lovers erotica series for Valentine's Day starting today, February 8th, through February 15th!

The acclaimed New Lovers books comes in a special LIMITED EDITION bundle containing all 9 novellas along with a free drawstring New Lovers bag on sale for the low and sexy price of $69! Limited supply!!!!

Each erotica purchase comes with a free Crypto pamphlet designed by Paul Chan and Badlands Crypto Group.

What people are saying about NEW LOVERS:

  • "I began having better sex" – BOMB Magazine
  • "A psychic repair on the invisible boner" – Ariana Reines
  • "dirty" – W Magazine

“I want to feel anything but the pain of my husband’s infidelity.”

New Lovers 1: How to Train Your Virgin

"I was wet, wetter than I had been in a very long time, my carefully chosen “fuck me” birthday underwear soaked through.”

New Lovers 2: We Love Lucy

"Does he love me more than Ragnar Kjartansson? Pipilotti Rist? Group Material? Yvonne Rainer? At least more than Douglas Gordon, right?"

New Lovers 3: God, I Don't Even Know Your Name

“Mia stripped him down. His balls were so crushed and blue already. She held his penis firmly in her hand and squeezed it. He shook. She took out the little cactus. His eyes widened. He emitted a stifled cry through the gag: “No!”

New Lovers 4: My Wet Hot Drone Summer

“She looks at her devirginized bedroom, her empty cup of vodka, her childhood toy on her twin bed. She picks Cocoa Bear up and places him back in the closet. Cecily gazes into her mirror as she attempts to finger-comb her bleached, now matted hair. ”

New Lovers 5: I Would Do Anything For Love

“Josey bled while wandering through books, beach, and forest, and kept on bleeding. Sometimes she dripped onto the hardwood floor and imagined that the flecks would bubble up into a soft, wormy head, a character from her favorite horror film, Hellraiser.”

New Lovers 6: Burning Blue

"Now my clit was smashed flat in a yoga class. Now this ass nub, this hot split, had been forced on me. Was it clear to my teacher that I was pulsing everywhere? Jay-Jay was gay. What the fuck was he doing to me?”

New Lovers 7: Kuntalini

“I saw the source of the screams: a naked girl was bent over, her ass in the air and her hands fastened behind her back; she wore a collar that shackled her to a metal hook in the ground. But she wasn’t crying out in pain. She was screaming with pleasure.”

New Lovers 8: One Valencia Lane

"Do you ever see something beautiful and wish you could be a part of it? I don’t mean wanting to own something. I mean wanting to inhabit it. I mean wanting to be thoroughly inside it."

New Lovers 9: Fantasian