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Need It Now: Calvin Tomkins's Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews

Antonina Jedrzejczak of Vogue swoons over the release of Calvin Tomkins's Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews. She writes, "Featuring a series of previously unpublished conversations that took place in 1964 in the artist’s Greenwich Village apartment, the wide-ranging discussions include the relationship between art and science, the effect of money on creativity, and the importance of Duchamp’s first “machine” painting, the 1911 Coffee Mill. (The e-book version even includes four original audio clips of Duchamp musing on, among other things, breathing and the development of the art market.) Tomkins, who first met the artist in 1959 while writing for Newsweek, and went on to publish Duchamp: A Biography in 1996, also talks at length with him about chess, one of Duchamp’s abiding passions." Read the rest on Vogue.