Badlands will be closed for the summer until September 3. Thank you for your patience and your interest in independent publishing.

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Matthew So on Badlands Unlimited

Badlands publishing associate Matthew So speaks about, well, Badlands, at a digital publishing conference. "Matthew So handles sales, distribution and inventory operations at Badlands Unlimited. Founded in 2010 Badlands Unlimited publishes e-books, paper books, prints and artist works in digital and print forms, and even one book in stone, on a range of topics that do not cover specific genres. Their publications, So explained, render the dissolving distinction between books, files and artworks. They have no plan to start producing Moocs anytime soon, as 'Ebooks are cheap and easy to make.' The basic aesthetic of their press is 'whatever we can do on our own' as there are no developers or programmers working for Badlands." Read the rest on Digital Publishing Toolkit.