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Lynne Tillman on Duchamp and The Afternoon Interviews

Novelist Lynne Tillman mentions The Afternoon Interviews in her column for Frieze. She writes, "Calvin Tomkins’s new book, Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews (Badlands Unlimited, 2013), is my latest friend. Tomkins met Duchamp in 1959 to interview him for Newsweek magazine; over time, the art critic and artist became friends. Of Tomkins’s many books, two earlier publications are on Duchamp: The Bride and The Bachelors (1965) and Duchamp: A Biography (1996). Duchamp talked to Tomkins about taste: 'Taste is an experience that I try not to let into my life. Bad, good or indifferent, it doesn’t come in. I’m so against interior decorators … You don’t have to be happy or unhappy about it, you see? … Taste can’t help you understand what art can be.’" Read the rest at Frieze.