Lilith Wes on Dazed Premieres Lilith Wes Fair Mix

Josephine Livingstone of Dazed Digital spoke with We Love Lucy author Lilith Wes about desire, sexual fantasy, and erotica. Summing up the New Lovers ethos, Wes says, "Sexual fantasy + imagination + wordy goodness = erotica! My brain is wired for sexy time, and allowing myself the time and space to have that is important to me; it’s inherently part of the way I’m made." Read the full interview and listen below to the mix produced by Daniel Leyva (wordofcommand) on Dazed. The mix features Wes reading excerpts from her book and music inspired by the remarkable music festival known as Lilith Fair (1997-1999).

Badlands Unlimited presents Lilith Wes's Fair Mix (NSFW) by Dazed on Mixcloud