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Larissa Pham Describes How "Fantasian" Came To Be For Catapult

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New Lovers author Larissa Pham did a piece for Catapult about the writing process behind her book, Fantasian and how writing it helped her find her creative voice:

"I wrote and instead of trying to make a thing the way I thought a thing should look, I listened to myself. Rather than attempt a particular voice—and I’ve always been an excellent mimic—I tried to write each sentence to be the most perfect sentence I’d ever written, cleaving away extra words and expository scenes like an over-enthusiastic anatomist with a scalpel. Why not inhabit a narrator; why not let her internal monologue run long? Why not include the side thoughts, the dream sequences, the theory to which I remembered being prone? I put in every single thing on the list I’d made, and when it was all done it was a solid, real thing."

Read the full piece here.