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LA Times features Aruna D'Souza and Whitewalling

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Carolina A. Miranda pens a great feature entitled, "The best of times, the worst of times: art in the age of rising white supremacy" in the Los Angeles Times. In the piece, she writes, "As museums become platforms for discussions about race, incarceration, queer politics, economics and identity, the question is how committed they are to truly facilitating change." Miranda quotes D'Souza at length about Whitewalling and her views on art and race in America today. "We're expected to converse and hash things out without a sense that the institution is necessarily listening,” says D’Souza. “Let’s have a conversation — but what role are you going to play other than hosting the conversation? How will you transform yourselves?” And, “As long as culture keeps producing these moments, where actual debate can happen without devolving, it becomes a sort of proxy,” says art critic Aruna D’Souza, author of “Whitewalling: Art, Race, & Protest in 3 Acts.” “Those conversations become proxies for conversations we can’t have elsewhere.” Read the whole piece here.