Kathy Reads Badlands in Prison

Award-winning activist Kathy Kelly, a prominent anti-war voice for decades here in the U.S. and abroad, is currently serving three months in federal jail after peacefully opposing the usage of drones in wars. She is a co-organizer for Voices for Creative Nonviolence and has spent significant time in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nicaragua, Egypt, Bosnia, Lebanon, and Pakistan among many other places aiding civilians and championing peace and justice through various methods of civil disobedience. During Paul Chan's time with Voices in the Wilderness (founded by Kelly with fellow activists in 1995), he spent time with her in Iraq back in 2002 advocating against the presence of the US there. While in prison Kelly has been an avid reader, and she recently shared a list of the books which we are proud to announce included Paul Chan: Selected Writings 2000-2014. See the rest of her list here on Voices for Creative Nonviolence's website and if you want to send Kathy a book (must be paperback!) find her address below: Kathy Kelly 04971-045 FMC Lexington FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTER SATELLITE CAMP P.O. BOX 14525 LEXINGTON, KY 40512