First-Time Erotica Authors Hit the G-Spot (the Guggenheim, Silly)

Kelly McClure at the online magazine Bedford + Bowery writes about the book launch of New Lovers at the Guggenheim Museum. She writes, "There are one million awful and wonderful ways to go about writing about sex, and there’s no one wrong or right way. The beautiful thing about what Badlands is doing with their New Lovers series, and what Black, Wes, and McGinty are doing with their work, is keeping the conversation out from behind closed doors, and adding new blood, and fresh voices, to one of the longest running subjects in the history of time itself. The more we talk about sex (especially as women) the more it seems like an okay thing. And it is. It’s okay. We can all do this. There’s not one bad thing about it." Read the rest at Bedford + Bowery.