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E-books Are the Future of Art

Linda Green from Policymic writes about Badlands and the future of publishing as a digital art form. Green notes, "I just purchased my first piece of artwork the other day, for a whopping $1.99 on Amazon. It was HELL_TREE, an e-book by Petra Cortright that consists of writings and images from the artist's computer desktop. I’ve been following the exploits of the Santa Barbara-based internet artist since I curated one of her videos at an exhibition in Berlin. HELL_TREE was released in a slew of summer releases by Badlands Unlimited, a publishing house founded by artist Paul Chan in 2010 that makes “books in an expanded field.” Other titles from Badlands include Poems by Yvonne Rainer, available in digital form with audio and video files, and How to Download a Boyfriend, a group exhibition as an interactive e-book." Read the rest on Policymic.