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Charge Social Media For Your Content

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Today forms of expression like images are harvested and refined as data; used as metrics to attract investors to increase profitability; sold to third parties via their API; fed into algorithms designed to maximize advertising profits; compiled as “training sets” for artificial intelligence frameworks to further monetize what we share. An “active user” is the corporate term for livestock.

Expanding on Badlands most recent Publisher's Note: What Is An Image Worth?, we're excited to announce INSTANT WORTH, a new invoicing app that allows you to bill social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for the content you've provided them.

We propose charging a fee to these platforms for every image we post. This fee is a recognition of the essential part we play in how these industries profit. It also functions as a small “surcharge” that acknowledges their complicity in maintaining political and economic systems that continue to erode our capacity for critical reflection, which in turn makes us more vulnerable to the “rush” of cheap immediacy that we get to get from images on social media.

We should also recast how social media activity is characterized to convey its real industrial nature. Social media platforms are global publishing enterprises.

We suggest charging $0.057 per uploaded image, which is 1% of Instagram’s most recently reported average “CPM”, which is the cost per 1000 impressions to run an ad on the app.

This can be done via our simple online invoicing app, INSTANT WORTH, that itemizes the images posted on your account on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis. We also suggest conducting a comprehensive count of images you have already posted online, and sending an invoice for past postings.

We can affirm our need for images and at the same time acknowledge how industries leverage it for profit and indirectly perpetuate the exploitative and opaque social reality that induces the need in the first place.

Now you can finally get a financial return on all your posts!

Start reclaiming your content today!