Calvin Tomkins Interviewed in The Paris Review

In his interview with the Review's JC Gabel, Tomkins recounts the time he spent with Lost Generation icons Gerald and Sarah Murphy: "In the twenties and early thirties, the couple, along with their three children, spent part of the year in the south of France, on the Riviera, and the rest of it immersed in the salad days of modernism and surrealism in Paris, where they had befriended, among others, Picasso...Ferdinand Léger; Dorothy Parker; Cole Porter; the Fitzgeralds; the Dos Passos; and the Hemingways. It was a fascinating life, though shrouded in mystery and tragedy." You can read more about the Murphys and Tompkin's book Living Well is the best Revenge in The Paris Review blog.

Image: Gerald Murphy, Cocktail, 1927