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Bookslut on Badlands Unlimited

Leah Triplett writes about Paul Chan and Badlands Unlimited at the New York Public Library event on the future of publishing. She notes, "The books that Chan publishes, most recently the much anticipated Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews by Calvin Tomkins, seem to develop out of his relationships with other artists and writers (Chan met Tomkins because the he was the subject of one of Tomkins’s celebrated New Yorker profiles). In his talk, Chan notes the venerable tradition of artist’s publications in New York, but explains that that art publishing sphere lacked an imprint devoted solely to books. 'Being an artist and having worked with institutions…I understood how to make a book like an artist’s catalogue or some sort of publication that goes along with the show, but I didn’t understand the true nature of the social life of a book,' said Chan. What’s remarkable here is that he wanted to know how people interact with books, individually and socially, as an artist. He knew how art books were made, how they were consumed, but he didn’t know how art books really functioned in the world." Read the rest on Bookslut.