Thank you for your interest and support of Badlands Unlimited. We are rethinking the website and our role in publishing.

Our books are still available with our distributor D.A.P., online at Amazon, and at all fine independent bookshops.

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Badlands internship now available for Winter session

If you are a student or recent graduate who would like to apply to Badlands Unlimited’s internship program for an introduction to independent art book publishing, send a resume, cover letter, and short writing sample (1-2 pages) or online portfolio by e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line: INTERNSHIP

Please note no phone calls are accepted. Internships run for approximately 10-12 weeks. Badlands interns work in a variety of capacities, including editorial, media, sales, distribution, and research. Our interns are paid $8/hour and lunch is provided for.

Applications for the three seasons must be submitted on or before the following dates:

Winter session (Feb-May): Jan 9

Summer session (June-August): May 1

Fall session (September-December): Aug 1