We're looking for a Programming Intern!

Motorcycle Computer


We are looking for a programming intern in need of a creative outlet to lead the development of some projects that involve chatbots, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

We are currently working on a named entity-recognition system and conversational platform that detects key entities to semantically understand user intent based on context. We are seeking an intern who not only has the engineering skills to spearhead the development and prototyping, but also a visionary who is daring (or crazy) enough to understand our creative scope for this project.

Our ideal intern must have:

  • Exceptional experience in computer science
  • Java or C++ programming skills (experience with Node.js a plus)
  • Knowledge or experience in AI technologies – rule-based and knowledge-based systems, machine learning, natural language processing, data mining and analysis
  • Motivations to build prototypes that can lead to product
  • Social abilities that allow them to work independently as well as collaborate/communicate with a cross-functional team of varied backgrounds

The internship is two days a week and paid commensurate with experience.

Send CV and cover letter to [email protected]