Thank you for your interest and support of Badlands Unlimited. We are rethinking the website and our role in publishing.

Our books are still available with our distributor D.A.P., online at Amazon, and at all fine independent bookshops.

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Exceptional bags for an exceptional store

Badlands Unlimited has created a new bag for Y.P. 99¢ & Up, our flagship retail outlet in New York. Designed by Paul Chan and Badlands, this innovative bag is strong and durable, good for all your shopping needs. To ensure optimal use of space, the bag has been painstakingly fabricated to accommodate all the different items available at Y.P., including books, toiletries, candles, and various moisturizers. The bag is reusable and fully recyclable. “Badlands and Y.P. share both a profound appreciation of tradition and a commitment to constant further development,” says Sunny Yu, head of sales and register associate at Y.P. “These new bags demonstrate our shared belief in innovation, aesthetics, and design. We have partnered to create an exclusive shopping bag for a one-of-a-kind book buying experience." Get the new Y.P. bag with the purchase of any item at Y.P. 99¢ & Up. For a limited time only.

Y.oung P.ublisher 99¢ & Up 24 Rutgers St, New York, NY 10002 Store hours: 9:15am – 8:30pm Seven days a week Cash Only

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