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Al Bedell's 6 Steps to Writing Good Erotica

New Lovers author Al Bedell did a hilarious how to write an erotica guide for Dazed's website. It's filled with gems that really get to the heart of what New Lovers is about such as:

"Fictional sex is where it’s at. Real sex will never be as good as the sex that you’re having in your imagination. In a twisted fantasy of your own device you can bang anyone, anywhere and on your own time. Fictional sex doesn’t even have to be on this planet, in this era or with someone who exists. You don’t even have to be yourself. The slow build up of fictional sex is hot, exciting and erotic. There is nothing erotic about real sex; erotica does not prevail anywhere but in your mind."

Amen Al, amen. Read the rest of Al's guide here and pick up her book, I Would Do Anything For Love in paperback or eBook/iBook.