A Note From Us

A Note From Us About Our New (beta) Website When did objects of knowledge become merely the object of searches? Did you search for something today? Did you know what you were looking for and were simply trying to confirm what you already knew? Or did you type into that box hoping for something novel or unexpected? Are you spending all your time searching? Did you find it? It is as surprising to us and it is to you that this is our new site. Everything works by search. All the books we have published, all the authors we have worked with, and all the limited editions and unique works we have for sale are accessible by the search bar or the keywords below the search bar. Try it and see. Websites are as anachronistic today as twitter will be tomorrow. A platform is made to be obsolescent. But this is the nature of social life. Adaptation means moving on. A stage is just that: a stage. We wanted our new site to look like the Berkshire Hathaway site. But we ended up with this. Go figure. There are other things that exist on this site that are not listed publicly but can be viewed if one searches for it in the search bar. They make up the actual substance of this site. Like an open secret or a neverending purloined letter. Try, for instance, searching for "miley cyrus" or "natures". We will continually add things that you can't see unless you search for it on this site. We don't know why images pop up when you roll over the link. If you know how to fix this, can you email us? loldunno Paul Chan, Ian Cheng, Micaela Durand Badlands Unlimited badlndlogo