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The Sandy Cat

by Rachel Rose


“No one thought of the sandy cat; it sat alone and hungry.”

In Rachel Rose's dark reimagining of a Victorian children's story, a cat's desire for milk takes over the course of a day takes on an ever darkening mood. Collages of illustrations from old children's books are stretched, layered, and contorted to create an eerie and droll commentary on the ubiquity of images in contemporary culture. What once depicted kids expanding their imagination through printed books now seems like a twisted method of torture and punishment. Rose's deceptively simple story of a feline's quest conjures a visual space where digital manipulation meets analog storytelling.


Ebook ISBN: 978-1-936440-06-1

32 pages


Rachel Rose

Rachel Rose’s work addresses how we define mortality. Her subjects range from zoos and a robotics perception lab, to Philip Johnson’s Glass House, the American Revolutionary War and outer space. She a... more