The Question

by Dawn Nilo


"I am tired of all this talk / Of love and gratitude / I want to swear and / Smoke cigarettes"

The Question is a collection of poems by poet and artist Dawn Nilo. Evoking the feel of a "how to" guide to the imagination, The Question weaves in and out of grand themes like love, death, and freedom, while intermingling with a host of enigmatic and colorful characters including Sweat Pea, Eagle Rose, Mouse and the Glad Companions. Curated from Nilo's oeuvre of over 700 poems, The Question offers an introduction to the work of a remarkable and singular writer.


Ebook ISBN: 978-1-936440-79-5

100 pages


Dawn Nilo

Poet and artist Dawn Nilo was born in 1968. In 2007 she started developing the art of the fool, an experimental performance method exercising absurdity, play, the imagination and consciousness studies... more