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The Nothing Pitch

by Magnus Schaefer

Edited by Carissa Rodriguez, Ilya Lipkin, John Miller, and Lisa Jo


"uber recruitment office"

The Nothing Pitch collects photographs and film stills by artists Lisa Jo, Ilya Lipkin, John Miller, and Carissa Rodriguez. Touching on mundane and pedestrian aspects of the contemporary restructuring of cities and experiences, the images document days spent in Berlin, London, Miami, New York, the Bay Area, and Disneyland. Tourists are a familiar sight in these places, as are food items consumed on the go, advertising and corporate logos, real estate development projects, and people using ATMs and mobile phones. Most people appearing in the images are oblivious to the fact that they are being observed by a camera as they go about doing what they do every day; the one person who does perform for the camera plays himself. The Nothing Pitch is selected by Magnus Schaefer.


Ebook ISBN: 978-1-936440-47-4

98 pages


Magnus Schaefer

Magnus Schaefer is a New York based art historian and curator. His publications include Ull Hohn: Foregrounds, Distances (2015, with Hannes Loichinger), Dealing With—Some Texts, Images, and Thoughts R... more