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The Best Most Useless Dress

by Claudia La Rocco

Edited by Paul Chan



“La Rocco’s impactful writing conjures voices we want and need: critical and committed, brazenly addressing the interior and exterior states that define live art experiences.”

—Jay Sanders, curator of performing arts, Whitney Museum of American Art

“La Rocco’s wry sense of humor lights up the text throughout.”

—Art Practical

“Whether she's writing about love, or about a ballet, it all boils down to human emotions. The subtle movements of a dancer, and the subtle movements of a lover can all have the same meaning, and La Rocco writes about both in a way that automatically transports you to a different place.”

—Laia Garcia, Lenny Book Pick

“Inquiry and seduction stroll hand in hand through these pages. Insubordinate, sexy, ravenously curious.”

—Elizabeth Robinson

Widely known as an incisive critic for the New York Times and Artforum, Claudia La Rocco is also a poet and performer whose hybrid texts are as mercurial and imaginative as her criticism. The Best Most Useless Dress reveals the breadth and depth of La Rocco's work, encompassing a decade's worth of poetry, essays, performance texts and reviews. Trespassing genre boundaries, these writings explore how movement and rhythm—in time, through space, across bodies, on the page —engender experience itself. With an introduction by poet Elizabeth Robinson. The ebook for Apple iBooks contains enhanced multimedia content created by La Rocco herself.


ISBN: 978-1-936440-66-5

Ebook ISBN: 978-1-936440-67-2

148 pages

5" x 8"


Claudia La Rocco

Claudia La Rocco’s recent and ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations include projects with the choreographers Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener, the performance company Findlay//Sandsmark, and the c... more