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Is I, I?

by Stéphanie Rosianu


"Blitch my trausers and stop the weather / Shine in my mind / Thousands of blinds / Here come the sun tudududu"

Is I, I? is the first book by Swiss based writer and artist Stéphanie Rosianu. It consists of a cascading stream of words, phrases, and texts that weave in and out of different modes of perception. Designed like a digital scroll, Is I, I? reflects a sensibility at home with the ever changing digital landscape today, and how it influences the very nature of our subjectivity.

Or in the words of Rosianu herself: "Who is the author behind a list of artists names, things to check, bills to pay, Google Translate or poems? Where stops the composition? The relationship between lists and poems reveals a time line. Dates and words create another dialogue. Maybe the only trace of the daily life of the author. As the words of the poems collide and flow next to the list of names, another text is generated by the authority of google translate.Is I, I? has to be scrolled in order to accurate your reading experience."


18 pages


Stéphanie Rosianu

Stéphanie Rosianu is an artist born in 1986 in Lausanne (Switzerland) where she lives and works. She develops her experimental writings in her Master in Contemporary Arts Practice in Bern. Questionin... more