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by Matthew Raviotta


“Home is not a place. It’s a feeling.”

Decrophilia by artist Matthew Raviotta stylishly excavates the exotic and familiar world of American suburbia. In a sequence of seductive and sometimes bewildering images, the book mines the trappings of comfort that epitomizes the mythic good life of middle class incomes and stable homes. Compositions with scented candles, custom shower curtains, and cough medicine juxtapose with writhing bodies and models that embody the look and feel of “flu chic.” The contrast between the longing of subconscious desire outside the bounds of comfort and the charmingly demented reality of suburban life are brought into sharp and hilarious relief.


Ebook ISBN: 978-1-943263-00-4

98 pages


Matthew Raviotta

Matthew Raviotta is a designer living in New York and born in the suburbs of New Orleans. He is interested in aesthetic obscenity, trends, and mainstream niche communities. He graduated from Savannah ... more