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Between Artists:

by Silvia Kolbowski and Walid Raad


"Can art make meaningful contributions to a culture of political resistance?"

—Silvia Kolbowski

"Between Artists" is an ongoing series of books edited by Alejandro Cesarco and originally published by A.R.T. Press. They are based on artist to artist conversations. The conversation format permits a thorough and at the same time informal investigation of the artists’ practice and the larger social issues that inform it. By virtue of their clarity, personal focus, affordability, and innovative method of distribution, these books make possible the presentation of contemporary artists and their work to a wide readership.

Since the first "Between Artists" books were released in 2005, they have gained a cult following, and a number of them have been out of print. Badlands Unlimited, in association with A.R.T. Press, is pleased to reissue "Between Artists" as ebooks for a new generation of readers.

Inadvertently situated during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006, this epistolary dialogue between the two artists traces one artist's evacuation from Lebanon, and one artist's experience of the war through texts and images. Interwoven are discussions about aesthetic methodology, representations of war and its aftermath, and the psychical stakes of the politics of war and art.


Ebook ISBN: 978-1-936440-40-5

88 pages


Silvia Kolbowski

Silvia Kolbowski (born 1953 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is a New York-based artist working with time-based media, whose scope of address includes questions of historicization, political resistance, an... more

Walid Raad

Walid Raad (born 1967 in Chbanieh, Lebanon) is an internationally known contemporary artist working in media such as video, photography, and essays. In 1989, Raad received a BFA from the Rochester Ins... more