Josh Kline


Jk 150X150

Josh Kline's art absorbs installation, sculpture, images, video, design and perishable consumer substances. Redirecting and redeploying the syntax and strategies of advertising, his work taps into latent memories and feelings about products and services, diffusing and confusing the power of branding. In recent years, Kline has developed a body of work about the body, labor, and productivity enhancement – an emerging posthuman condition.

Kline's work has been included in exhibitions at MoMA PS1, White Columns, 47 Canal, PERFORMA, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Taxter & Spengemann, and Guild & Greyshkul in New York; Night Gallery, Los Angeles; Galerie Christine Mayer, Munich; IMO, Copenhagen; and West, The Hague. As a curator, Kline has organized exhibitions and screenings at venues including Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), Andrea Rosen Gallery, Gresham’s Ghost, 179 Canal, and Canada in New York; Site Santa Fe, New Mexico; and Wiels Center for Contemporary Art, Brussels. In September 2013, he will have a solo exhibition at 47 Canal, New York. Kline lives and works in New York City.