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Hennessy Youngman


Jayson Musson

Beginning his career in the arts as a guard at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Hennessy Youngman has gone on to become one of the premier voices in cultural criticism over the past two years using nothing more than a webcam and his Youtube program ART THOUGHTZ. Piecing together such seemingly divergent spheres of interest, that of hip-hop and critical discourse, Youngman bridges these opposing languages like a bridge maker working on the wrong bridge only to be told later by the town's mayor, "The moat was placed there for a reason. We don't want those folks coming over here!"

Alas, the bridge no one wanted is finished, and the miscreants from the other side of the moat are perusing through real estate listings in your neighborhood as you sit there reading this bio.

Think I could borrow some paprika… neighbor?

Is your daughter home?