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Badlands, November 21, 2014

Congratulations to Paul Chan for winning the 2014 Hugo Boss Prize! The Guggenheim Museum says, “With the selection of Paul Chan as the recipient of the Hugo Boss Prize 2014, the jury recognizes his singular artistic voice, which manifests in myriad forms, including sculpture, animated video, and light projection, as well as community-based performance and, most recently, an electronic and print publishing venture. Regardless of platform, each of Chan’s indelible and at times provocative projects deftly excavates our cultural landscape. We applaud his unfettered commitment to experimentation and look forward to the continued evolution of his practice.”


Badlands asked Chan to comment on winning the prize and how he feels about the success. Chan replied,

  • NL2
    Badlands, November 18, 2014

    Badlands is pleased to announce the launch of our new erotic book series New Lovers this coming spring 2015. Inspired by radical publisher Maurice Girodias and his legendary Olympia press, this series is devoted to publishing new and emerging writers working in the genre of erotica. Provocative... Read more

  • calvintmkins
    ArtReview, November 6, 2014

    Bridget McCarthy interviews Calvin Tomkins in the latest Power 100 issue of ArtReview. Our favorite quote: “There’s this mantra: if art can be anything, it can also be nothing. It can be of no interest or importance at all. It’s completely open-ended. Duchamp gave the freedom for this situation... Read more

  • unnamed-3
    Adult Mag, November 3, 2014

    Ana Cecilia Alvarez from Adult Mag interviews Claudia La Rocco and writes, “The Best and Most Useless Dress, channels the liquid intensity of her personal erotics of art into some intoxicating prose.” Our favorite response by Claudia: “I write to work stuff out, to fight off loneliness, to talk... Read more

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