"We make books in an expanded field"
Bomb Magazine, October 20, 2014

Jennifer Krasinski interviews Claudia La Rocco for Bomb magazine about "rug pulling and responsibility in a writing practice that commingles genres." Our favorite exchange: "JK- Early on, when you 'didn't know anything about dance,' what were you paying attention to? CLR-  more...All the wrong things. I was paying attention to myself and to my feelings of inadequacy, which as we all know makes for great criticism. (laughter) I was trying to capture everything. I would take notes on what was happening on stage, except at that point I didn't know any dance terminology.

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    Art in America, October 20, 2014

    Badlands Unlimited highlighted in the October issue of Art in America’s “Publish To Flourish” listed as one of the 6 artists, writers, editors, and publishers on “the creative forefront of publishing today”. Take a look at Paul Chan’s ascii interpretation of Badlands Unlimited and look at the... Read more

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    BOOK TOUR for The Best Most Useless Dress by Claudia La Rocco kicking off this October. Dates and locations below. Hope to see you there! Discussion/Presentation with Reid Bartelme, Kaitlyn Gilliland and Will Rawls October 11th, 3 p.m. (as part of noon-4:30 “Conversations Without Walls”... Read more

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    Badlands, September 30, 2014

    Badlands has put together a reading list in support of the ongoing street protests in Hong Kong.A mix of history, political theory, poetry, and art, these are the books and zines we recommend you read as this political revolt in China unfolds. 1. Limited Views: Essays on Ideas and Letters by... Read more

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